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The Don't Do-It-Yourself Podcast

Jim was recently on The Don't Do-It-Yourself Podcast! Jim talked with host, Tommy 2 Shoes, about why you shouldn’t be washing your own clothes. Jim also shared the history of Daisy Cleaners & his passion for the community. Watch the video here:


American Legion Recognizes
Local Man for Cleaning Flags

Keeping Old Glory looking new has been a passion for a Salem drycleaner who helps to make American flags around town look pristine. Daisy Cleaners owner, Jim Desjardins, was recognized by the Veterans Association recently for cleaning and restoring salvageable American flags which have been marked for destruction. See the press release here!


Salem Boys & Girls Club Auction

Daisy Cleaners enjoys supporting the Salem Boys & Girls Club throughout the year. Their annual auction is one of our favorite events! We're very thankful for these two wonderful gentleman, who BOTH just paid $13,500 for a year's worth of dry cleaning donated by us to benefit the kids at the Boys & Girls Club. The total value was only $2,500, and the club received $27,000! Thank you! See larger photos here


January 2018 Coat Drive

Team Daisy has just wrapped up another successful coat drive with Ski Haus. Ski Haus collected and Daisy cleaned 25+ coats benefiting The Lazarus house In Lawerence. Did you know that we collect coats for charity all year round? Learn more about our coat drives here!


4 daisy employees

Mamma taught Daisy Veterans

Todays Daisy verterans (Miguel 36 yrs, Jim 35 yrs, Nan 36 yrs) all got their start with this lovely woman, Kay (mamma) Pappalardo, who worked as the lead cleaner/presser and trainer at Daisy. She taught all of us that QUALITY ALWAYS COMES FIRST! Read more & see a larger photo here!


3 dirty children's dresses

Restoring Old Dresses

Did you know Daisy can do restoration work on older clothing and gowns? See 3 children's gowns transform from dingy to crisp, white & beautiful here!


3 women with a pile of gloves in the shape of a heart

Glove Love - Charity Work

Team Daisy showing the love to The Clean River Project by laundering several dozen pairs of gloves at no charge, of course! Keep up the good work, Rocky! See larger photo here


dirty white coat

Don't be fooled by coats labeled "do not dryclean"

See the transformation of a dirty white coat into a sparkling white coat here!


Help Someone Stay Warm


ALL YEAR ROUND Daisy Cleaners collects donations of coats for people in need. Our team cleans them (free) and then brings them to the Pleasant Street Church in Salem, NH. We also work with Ski Haus in Salem to provide coats for Lazarus House Ministries, Inc. in Lawrence, MA. Learn more about our coat drives here!


Jim DesJardins eating chicken wings to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club of Salem, NH

Wing-Eating for the Boys & Girls Club

In case you missed seeing Jim at the recent chicken wing eating contest fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Club, here's an article about the event from the Eagle Tribune: "Salem citizens chow down for charity" Locals raise money for Boys and Girls Club with wing-eating contest by Allison DeAngelis.


family of 3 generations on the Daisy team

3 Generations on the Daisy Team

August 2017: It is with great honor that Daisy Cleaners announces its first 3rd generation team member: Kaylee Aborn!

Pictured left to right: Jen Palmer, Kaylee Aborn, and Cindy Alexa.

See a larger photo & more information here


clean golf shirts

We Love Golf Shirts

You know the ones...typically purchased at the pros shop for a hundred plus dollars.  They feel awesome and they’re super thin so they breathe well.  They look so good when you first purchase them!  Unfortunately, if you take one of these fabulous golf shirts and pop it in the washing machine at home it could come out looking like an old, wrinkled hanky... Read more


take care of your wedding gown after your special day

After Your Special Day –
Wedding Gown Preservation

After all the excitement, anticipation, planning, and preparations for your wedding, it’s time to take care of the beautiful wedding dress you found.  Whether you want to get it cleaned and saved as a keepsake, or preserved to pass down to the next generation, we are here to help! Read more


Free cleaning of American Flags

Let the CLEAN Flags Fly

With Memorial Day behind us and Independence Day fast approaching, now is the perfect time to bring your flag in to be cleaned.  Did you know that Daisy Cleaners waives the cleaning fees for all United States of America official flags?

We honor our veterans and our country, and hope you will show your patriotism as well with a respectfully clean USA flag.


2016 Yelp Certificate for Customer Satisfaction

People Love Daisy Cleaners on Yelp!

Awww shucks {blush}.  Our customers are awesome!  They love us so much that we received this award from Yelp for our 2016 customer comments!  We truly appreciate ALL our customers, and we thank you for trusting us with your garments.  2017 has been filled with positive customer feedback as well.  Thank you to our dedicated staff for contributing to this award.


mothballs are dangerous

What’s the one smell that drycleaning can’t remove? Mothballs.

And mothballs aren’t just stinky, they can actually be dangerous to you and your family...Read more


Refer a friend to the route

Get $50 in FREE cleaning!

Refer a friend to our free pickup & delivery route... See details here!


Nanette and Miguel of Daisy Cleaners

Loyal Employees

Today we celebrate the loyalty and friendship of Daisy's two long-standing employees, Nanette and Miguel. Read more here!


St. Patrick's Day Sale

St. Patrick's Day Sale

Take 50% off the drycleaning fee for all GREEN items the week of St. Patrick's Day!


 March Madness Shirt Sale

Starch Madness Sale

Crazy special sale on drycleaning your shirts! See details here


Sweater sale - dryclean 3 for the price of 2 at Daisy Cleaners

Sweater Cleaning Sale!

It's been so chilly & snowy lately! Have you been wearing your sweaters even more than normal? This is the perfect time to get your sweaters professionally cleaned at Daisy with our “Bring in 3, Pay for 2” Sweater Sale! Read more


home laundry tips from Daisy Cleaners

Home Laundry is Harder than it Looks

People spend more time doing wash now than 50 years ago, but research shows the clothes are coming out less clean and more worn. Get our tips for better launcry results from your home washer & dryer! Read more


Valentines sale - half off red items

Valentine's Day Sale

Take 50% off the drycleaning fee for RED items from February 13-17, 2017 at Daisy Cleaners!


Super Deal for the Super Bowl!

Daisy Cleaners is PUMPED that our own New England Patriots are heading for the Super Bowl again! We feel a victory coming! We’re celebrating with special savings for you: 10% off your order when you wear Patriots’ logo gear* 50% off the cleaning of Patriots’ logo items* ...Read more


bridal dress emergency

Bridal Emergency

How did you end your 2016? Here at Daisy the whole team came together to save a brides day! She found us after being turned down by several cleaners in Vermont...Read more


red coat restored

Wet Cleaning to the Rescue

This winter coat was labeled "do not dryclean," so it's owner knew to take it to Daisy Cleaners for the best care. See the photos here!


rudolf and frosty

Rudolf and Frosty

The Daisy team takes pride in taking care of your important holiday costumes. See the photos here!


we clean hairy coats

Extreme Makeovers - Hairy Coats

We banished the pet hair & restored these garments. See the photos here!


 Precious Wedding Dress Restored

Precious Wedding Dress Restored

This beautiful wedding dress was lovingly cleaned and restored by Daisy Cleaners. See the photos here!


keep polar fleece looking great

Care Label Facts: Polar Fleece

Do you love soft, polar fleece as much as we do? Learn how to keep it looking as great as it feels...Read more


Beautiful Bridal Gown Saved

Beautiful Bridal Gown Saved

Another beautiful wedding dress was lovingly cleaned and restored by Daisy Cleaners. See the photos here!


cleaning your blankets

Keep Your Blankets Looking & Feeling Great

Even if you follow the recommended care instructions, some blankets may still shrink when you wash them. Learn how to keep your blankets looking and feeling great...Read more


Halloween costume cleaning

Halloween Cleaning

Interesting cleaning projects this week - Canobie Lake Park Scream Fest costumes.. See photos



Do NOT Dryclean this Jacket?!

This cozy jacket was in need of a cleaning, but it's labeled "do not dyclean"!
See photos of the jacket before & after it's visit to Daisy Cleaners here...


Pain in the necktie

Pain in the Necktie

Are neckties part of your wardrobe? Did you know the fabric used to make your ties was cut on the bias to make neat knots? Unfortunately, this type of cut is easily distorted or stretched, causing puckering and fullness...Read more


cleaning band uniforms

Keep Your Musical Star Looking Great

We are well into the football season and while many fans may be cheering for the football players are you enjoying the half-time show? Here are some tips to keeping your musical star looking great...Read more


fundraising for the Boys and Girls club

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Help us raise money for the Boys & Girls Club of Salem! Jim will be defending his title of Hot Wing Eating Champion...Read more


weak areas in leather

Weak Areas in Leather or Suede

In some cases, after only a short period of wear, leather or suede garments may show local damage...Read more


sweater cleaning sale

Sweater Cleaning Sale

Fall is really here now…did you take your sweaters out of storage yet? This is the perfect time to get your sweaters professionally cleaned at Daisy with our “Bring in 3, Pay for 2” Sweater Sale! To clean & refresh your favorite sweaters, add them to your Daisy dry cleaning bag & we’ll pick them up for you! Read more


removing paint from kids' clothes

Removing Paint from Kids & their Clothes

How do you remove paint stains from your child’s clothing? Luckily most school paints are water soluble and will easily come out in regular washing...Read more


holes in your clothes?

Holes in Your Clothes?

It’s a bummer when you pull out the perfect garment from your closet, only to discover tiny holes. Arrgh! Did insects have a feast...Read more


invisible stains on your clothes

Invisible Stains on YOUR Clothes?

It’s important to thoroughly clean your clothing before putting it away for the season, because INVISIBLE stains can actually turn yellow over time...Read more


folded sweaters

Extend the Life of Your Sweaters

As the styles of sweaters change, so do the fibers of this wardrobe staple. Sweaters are made from a variety of fibers, ranging from cotton and wool to silk, rayon, acrylic and more. Natural fibers, such as angora, mohair, cashmere, and Shetland are especially popular. Caring for these delicate sweater knits requires special attention...Read more


uses for dry cleaning hangers

10 Uses for Dry Cleaning Hangers

If you dry clean your clothes on a regular basis, you know that those ubiquitous wire hangers can really start to stack up. But rather than haul the hangers to the trash, you can put them to use around the house... Read more

Fit to be Tied

Daisy Cleaners can take care of your ties (no matter what the label says)... Read more

Loving the Outdoors!

We love winter sports, but arent thrilled with our dingy, dirty winter coats and ski-pants... Read more

After the Big Day

Whatever the cost, your wedding gown is one of those special items that you purchase to wear one time in your life. But what happens to it after the big day...Read more

Wing Eating winner

Wing Eating Winner!

10/30/2014 - It was a real filling experience winning the the wing eating contest at the 99 restaurant-- 57 wings in ten minutes! The event was benefiting the Salem Boys and Girls Club (my favorite charity). I raised $550 and the event raised $1,500 dollars. Hats of to the ninety nine restaurant witch has raised $10,000 for the club!! Whoot whoot!


Economic Development Breakfast

10/21/2014 - Governor Maggie Hassan speaks to business and community members at the Greater Salem Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Breakfast about the New Hampshire economy and her plans to help the state prosper in the future... Read more

Salem Boys and Girls Club Annual Dinner

8/21/2014 - 2012 Man of the Year Joe Fano (left) presents 2013 recipient Jim Desjardins the award for his hard work and dedication to the club Tuesday inside Tuscan Kitchen [left photo below]. Senator Chuck Morse (R-Salem) presents Man of the Year recipient Jim Desjardins a proclamation for his efforts supporting the club [right photo below].Jim receives the Man of the Year award   

Holy Red, White & Blue

Well, it is our biggest item we've ever cleaned. This flag measures 60 feet by 20 feet and weights 60 pounds!!! It is to be used later this month at the VFW hosted Vietnam moving wall. As a professional cleaner our team of experts are alway up to the challenge. Daisy Cleaners is proud to donate our work and be part of such an important event.

Daisy Cleaners donates to the Boys and Girls Club auction

Daisy Cleaners Impacts the Community

Numbers are flying through the air, the auctioneer nearly triples the items value, one sold and another one becomes available, and within seconds nearly $7,000 has been raised for a local charity. The hot item of the night was a year’s worth of dry cleaning from Daisy Cleaners at the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Salem Annual Auction... Read more