Pocketbook & Purse Cleaning

we clean pocketbooks and purses

Lets face it folks, with the price people are paying for these designer pocketbooks you just can’t throw them away! From Coach™ Bags to Michael Kors® to Prada™, these bags are beautiful but they do not come cheap. So what do you do once they have been tossed around, dropped on the floor and basically become dirty with wear? Daisy is cleaning what was once thought as the un-cleanable. There are no care instructions with a pocketbook. Don’t bother even looking for them. This is not your average cleaning project.

At Daisy we first figure out all the fabrics involved. There may be one or a combination of fabrics such as leather, cloth, plastic, metal etc. From there, we hand pre-spot inside and out. Some times we spend more time spotting the inside of the bag than the out. The bag then enters our wet cleaning system were we gently wet clean and air dry the bag to reduce any unnecessary tumbling. Next, we form steam the bag to retain the original shape. Zippers are then lubricated and leather is re-dyed if necessary. Finally the bag is filled with tissue to also retain the shape of the bag. Our ultimate goal is to make the bag look new! (As a side note it is best not to wait till you bag is heavily soiled before cleaning as it reduces the possibility of getting out all the stains.)