Wedding Gown Cleaning & Restoration

dirty wedding dress

clean, restored wedding dress

The words wedding gown can conjure up many warm feelings, perhaps its mom’s gown or even grandmother’s gown or perhaps the fond memories of shopping for your gown with friends or family.¬†

Daisy Cleaners understands that this is not just another garment to be cleaned.

Each gown is personally met by Jim Desjardins, owner and second generation business owner. Your gown is inspected for stains and the stains are hand treated and cleaned in one of Daisy’s several cleaning methods. In most cases wet cleaning is our preferred method as it allows us to use an 8 hour soaking process to gently loosen, dislodge and brighten the fabric back to its original condition.

There are some gowns such as silk gowns that can not be wet cleaned and are handled in one of our two eco-friendly Solvon K4 cleaning systems. After cleaning, a team of three people go to work steaming and finishing the gown all by hand. Our finishing process does not leave any seam impressions so your gown keeps that soft press look it had when you purchased it.

We will clean your dress with care

Jim Desjardins has 32 years of service in the fabricare industry and has been given the skills needed to handle almost anything. And the common sense to know when to say "no" or "stop". This is what gives Daisy the impeccable reputation as "the go-to-place" for bridal stores like Madeleine’s Daughter of Portsmouth.

When bridal shop owner Elizabeth Diorm has a gown issue, she makes the 86 mile round trip to Daisy Cleaners to consult with Jim and take care of the situation. Daisy also works with other bridal shops including 125 Bridal and countless boutique shops around New England.

Jim cleaning a wedding gown

Restoration work is one of Jim’s specialties.

In his own words “Nothing makes me happier than taking a gown that is totally not wearable and making it look like new.” By utilizing years of training and experience Jim puts his knowledge of bleaches to work. Most folks think there is one type of bleach, chlorine bleach such as “Clorox” but there are many types of bleaches that are much gentler on fabrics such as sodium percarbonate and sodium perborate. These bleaches along with special German wet cleaning chemistry and equipment allows us to restore most gowns to 95% new.

If the gown is to be preserved, Daisy (unlike most cleaners) invites you to come and inspect the gown prior to packaging. Daisy uses museum archival quality boxes which have a 200 year life expectancy (when stored properly). These boxes are acid neutral along with the tissue used to stuff the gown. The gown is placed in an unbleached muslin bag which protects the box from dust as well as allowing the gown to breathe.

During storage it is recommended to keep your gown in a cool dry place away from animals and children. A dry basement or under a bed is best. Attics are typically not a good place as the temperature typically can reach over 100 degrees.

Other Restoration
& Preservation Services:

Daisy also preserves and restores christening gowns, first communion suits and dresses as well as antique family heirlooms from shoes to baseball uniforms. Learn more about restoration & preservation here!